Tri-Star is also the local Correspondent of Arthur Gallagher Group, which is one of the world’s foremost insurance brokers with a diverse wealth of consultancy skills and services with expertise in most risk disciplines. The group provides brokerage services, offers risk management consultancy worldwide, and is particularly strong in United States of America and Europe.

Tri-Star is also the local Correspondent of EOS RISQ , a leading provider of insurance broking and risk management services to European and Global enterprises. They are an European partnership which is the result of a historical collaboration of some brokerage companies in Europe namely;-

Assiteca S.p.A. (Italy)


VanBreda Risk & Benefits Comm. V (Belgium)

Diot S. S. (France)

The key feature is the balanced division of the responsibilities. The major benefit of the new alliance is the global approach and the guarantee of service continuity, the partnership being managed effectively by a single management structure.

We have been local correspondents for the following International Brokers among others as well:-
•    AIMS -(Lebanon)
•    Asianet -(Thailand)
•    Oval Broking-(Ireland)
•    Windsor Partners LLP ( London)
•    Sino Hydro Insurance Brokers (China)

About Us

Tri-Star Insurance Services Ltd is one of the leading insurance broking companies in Ghana. We are Ghana’s most customer-focused insurance brokerage and risk management services firm which has been satisfying the needs and expectations of Ghanaian and multinational clients, providing a full range of retail Assets,  General Liability and Employee Benefit brokerage services.

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